by Ruby McGuire (UK)

When we set up in business it goes without saying that we want to be successful. What can happen is that success does not come as quickly as you hope and self-doubt starts to creep in. You start to wonder if it’s even possible to be successful running a coaching business, or take it to the next level.

Everyone has a different perception of success, there is no one size fits all, but what we do know is that successful business owners have a success mindset; A mindset that drives them to keep going, to pick themselves up when things don’t go so well, and to learn from their mistakes.

Here are 7 top tips to creating a success mindset.

  1. Be at ‘Cause’

In NLP, we use a term called cause and effect. Essentially, being at ‘cause’ means you take responsibility for your life and what happens in it. When you are in ‘effect’ you blame others for not succeeding, which disempowers you. When you are at ‘cause’ you believe you can effect change, which makes for a much more successful mindset.

It’s easy to blame others and tell ourselves that we have no control. The big one right now is the ‘online world is too busy with other coaches, there’s no room for me’. This is just setting up a new limiting belief. Yes, it is busy, but you can choose to get creative and find new ways of standing out from the crowd. If you lined up 10 coaches, they would all be very different. There’s only one of you, and the perfect dreamie clients are waiting to work with you.

Source: iCN Issue 29  (Business Coaching: Building your Organisation); pages 

About Ruby McGuire

Ruby McGuire, IAPC&M ASC, Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection is a visibility strategist who works with solopreneurs helping them to rock their visibility in their business both on and offline. She’s also a caffeine and Pinterest addict.

Ruby teaches her clients how to connect with their passion, their dreamie clients and their message, helping them to overcome their doubts and fears, while making sure the business essentials are in place to launch and grow their businesses.

A self-confessed introvert, Ruby understands what it’s like when you know you need to be more visible in your business but it doesn’t feel natural or comfortable. She wants everyone to go out there and rock their visibility AND have a life outside of their business.