By Cristina Burca, ICN Journalist, Romania

 Seven days to create the world. Seven summits to build a character and become a highly-ranked Leadership coach. It is the case of Ania Lichota, an Executive Coach and Inspirational Speaker on Leadership Mastery, working with the leading talent acquisition organisation, Barrington-Hibbert Associates. Not only helping to become physically stronger, mountaineering also helps develop self-awareness, self-mastery and leadership skills, key competencies for authentic and effective leaders. Key competencies that managers and entrepreneurs should develop to successfully run businesses and companies.  ICN spoke with Ania Lichota to find out more about business strategies for both corporate managers and entrepreneurs, and about her Seven Summits’ experience.

“Climbing is not only a way to spend my free time, but also a way to build character. Mountaineering has transformed my private and professional life. I climb because I strongly believe that one can develop and grow only through going beyond the comfort zone” – says Ania.

Source: iCN Issue 11 (Executive Coaching); pages 51-55

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