By Martin Goodyer (United Kingdom)

  • Never Compromise Chemistry
  • Check Compatibility
  • Share Secrets
  • Stroke Success
  • Roll Out Rules
  • Demonstrate Value
  • Align Your Purpose

Expectations change with every generation. For many young people in their 20’s and early 30’s their experience of finding a life-partner is very different from their parents. While the post-war ‘baby-boomers’ and children of the sixties were in a hurry to leave home, take a mate and get on with their own life, their offspring are not. Their parents made mistakes but, unlike previous generations theirs hasbeen public, and in many cases even celebrated; divorce, dysfunctional families and discontent with just one-partner-for-life are things that young people have had to live with all their lives. Is it any wonder then that many of them are struggling to figure out how to find a love that lasts?

Source: iCN Issue 7 (Relationship Coaching); pages 17-19

About Martin Goodyer

Martin Goodyer – Author of ‘How to be a Great Coach’

Martin Goodyer is a psychologist and one of the UK’s leading personal coaches; he has spent thousands of hours helping people of all ages and backgrounds make positive changes for the better. Here he gives his advice on how to avoid wasting time and effort on relationships that probably don’t have a future. Here are his 7 rules to help generation ‘Y’ find a love that lasts.