By Dr Richard Norris (United Kingdom)

Is your intention to be a success?

Ever wondered if success is a journey then have you taken a detour?

Are you frustrated and/or do you believe you, your team or even your organisation still have untapped potential and that, perhaps, something vital is missing?

If you answered, “Yes” to one or all of these then welcome to the club. Many people, teams and organisations are intent on achieving peak performance, fulfilling their potential and achieving “success”.

Perhaps, like me, you have heard the expression, “Success is a journey not a destination”? If that is true then you need to know two things up front. First is what’s your definition of success and, second, what to pack?

Source: iCN Issue 3 (Life Coaching); pages 39-40

About Richard Norris

Richard is Europe’s foremost speaker on transformational self-leadership. Recently, he founded Leading Men Only, particularly to empower and equip men to lead at work, rest and play. As an energizing speaker, trainer and consultant he distils practical messages and strategies into engaging stories examples and executions that encourage, educate and elicit results. Along Richard’s own Journey of Success he has been and/or is a husband, father, competitive swimmer, veterinarian, army officer, MBA, unemployed, award-winning business and executive coach and repeatedly requested speaker. Richard’s book, Hoof it! 7 Key Lessons on Your Journey of Success, is a repeat finalist in book awards. He has co-edited and contributed to books and magazines on leadership and business development. Richard lives by the adage a healthy body is a healthy mind. His focus is to delivers results through people. And… just so you know he is a Canadian residing in Scotland!