+6 Ways to Incorporate Nai in Coaching

by Cristina Maria Cojocariu (Romania)

One of the biggest problems in our modern and civilised society, so much focused on establishing connections, lies, ironically, in our lack of connection. With all the speed ahead, we get more and more separated at a profound level from people in general, from friends, from family and the saddest of all, from ourselves.

We are so eager to shift from one objective to the other, from one thing to the other, from one emotion to the other, that we forget to give ourselves time. We lack time to observe, time to feel, time to process. Afterward, it seems like the most predictable outcome that our depression, our anxieties, our loneliness, our sadness reach higher peaks than we would have ever imagined.

So, what is Naikan and how can it change your life?

Naikan is an old Japanese art of introspection, initially developed in the 40’s by Ishin Yoshimoto.  Its inspiration was to be found in the Buddhist practice.  The basis of Naikan consists of 3 very simple questions. Yet, exactly, these simple questions can be our gate – openers to all the trauma and “garbage” we have worked so much to cover and sweep under the rug. The word itself –   “Naikan” – means “to look inside”.

How it is used nowadays

In Japan, the technique is used in psychotherapy, for treating depression and addictions.In Europe, the technique is looked at as something at the border between therapy and spirituality.

There are also countries in Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain) which use Naikan successfully in specialised clinics and not only (even some prisons started to use the system), in order to treat drug and alcohol addictions, to offer a deeper insight in one’s mind and higher self, to treat depression. [1]

Naikan should also be in the USA. One of the greatest miracles of Naikan is the fact that we can take huge advantages on a daily basis, without having to leave our own home or office.

[1] Source: https://www.naikan.eu/english/naikan-why.html

Source: iCN Issue 22  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 48-50

About Cristina Maria Cojocariu

Cristina is a Spiritual Life Balance Coach and Writer, on her mission journey (after over 15 years spent in a corporate environment). She strongly believes that, in order to live a fulfilled life, one needs to find the equilibrium between the pragmatic and spiritual sides of life. During the last 10 years, she passionately studied from coaching to NLP, Reiki, Silva, different sides of psychology and productivity etc. and practices coaching successfully with all the overall knowledge acquired. Her work with clients focuses mainly on finding the true self and purpose, getting to know and accept oneself better, communication, relationships and productivity. Cristina is based in Romania and she works with clients both locally and internationally.