by Anne Bachrach (USA)

Accountability, which is an important element of the workplace, requires both internal control and external support.  In order to achieve peak levels of performance, external accountability is necessary. Being an accountable employee, which is what a business owner wants, demonstrates dedication to the job and higher levels of workplace satisfaction. It also contributes to a higher level of innovation with an increased interest in the company’s success.

At work, accountability translates to initiative and ownership.  An accountable employee takes responsibility for their actions and the results and is not quick to point to management when things go wrong. People who are accountable are on time for work and meetings, complete projects on time, and go the extra mile when they are able. These are all great qualities a business owner should be looking for in an employee.

There are many benefits to having an accountability culture in your firm. Here are six benefits.

  1. Encourages Follow-Through

It is easy to fall off track when trying to reach a goal, or experience points of lower motivation.  If you have set goals for yourself in the past and forgot about them within a few days or weeks, you need a higher level of accountability to see them through.  Accountability means you don’t feel satisfied until the job is completed correctly, and, ideally, on time.

  1. Goals Clarity

Long-term goals can get lost in the shuffle of everyday work life. Defining your goals and an action plan that supports them, gives you clarity as to what you want and why you want it.  When you hold yourself accountable to these goals, you eliminate the excuses as to why the plan is not being adhered to.

  1. Creates Deadlines
  2. Prevents Large Problems
  3. Builds Confidence
  4. Keeps You Focused

Source: iCN Issue 33  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 32-34

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