by Sofia Pacifico Reis (United Kingdom)

After team members went through a horrible redundancy, I spent the next few months feeling miserable.

Finally one day, after another boring corporate meeting I took the decision that I couldn’t do it anymore. ‘Enough is enough’, I said to myself. I went back to my desk and wrote my resignation letter. You might think I was crazy, insane after all I had a family to provide for, bills to pay.  The truth is, it had to be done. It was either staying there and continuing to be treated like a ‘number’, undervalued and 2nd class or do something about it and don’t lose my marbles. Besides, I had been planning my exit for a while so now it was time to take action.

I sat in my office desk and wrote my resignation letter, filled with so many emotions and not that many words actually!! I was straight to the point, there was not much to say. I had reached my limit of boring meetings, false expectations in annual appraisals and not being paid to the same level just because I’m a girl.

Source: iCN Issue 21 (Business Coaching); pages 34-35

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