5 Ways to Increase Your Business Efficiency with Time Blocks

by Anne Bachrach (USA)

As a business owner, the only real challenge you have is time. Time is a factor that stands against you due to its limited availability. There are only twenty-four hours in a day(8 to 10 hours for sleep, transportation, eating, and other chores to do). Due to this limited time, learning to manage your time effectively is the best way to reach your goals.

Time has a powerful impact on your overall results. At the end of every day, it is important to take stock of what you were able to achieve. Also, pay attention to how you split your time during the day.

As an entrepreneur, many activities impact the way you manage your time. There are prospects to contact and follow-up with, the financials to pay attention to, existing clients to service, and inventories to monitor. In addition, there are also other important aspects of your business such as bills to be paid, staff to manage, and all kinds of decisions to be made. In short, there aren’t enough waking hours to deal with all there is to be done.

This is why effective time management is a vital skill for all business professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs.

How can you manage your time effectively?

Effective time management is where time blocks come to the rescue.

The challenge you, as an entrepreneur, face is your inability to streamline your focus into a few tasks without getting distracted by other tasks to be completed.

Lack of focus becomes a problem because when you split your attention into all the tasks you have to complete. You won’t be able to complete any of them while doing this. As a business owner, new tasks can spring up daily, and you’ll need excellent time management skills to carry out your business.

Time blocks serve as a way to carefully break your day into very specific blocks of time. Activities are scheduled for certain hours (blocks) of the day.

When managing your time, you can streamline your focus into a few tasks that should be completed daily.

Time blocks help you keep your focus on a particular task at a particular time, and for a period of time. By doing this, you can avoid procrastination and complete each task more quickly. You can also make important decisions and become up to 80% more productive.

Five ways to improve your time management using time blocks.

There is a shift in work ethics requirements from how much work is done to what results are produced at the end of each day. Because of this, multi-tasking has been exposed to present sub-par results in all tasks carried out simultaneously.

Placing a tunnel focus on few tasks and presenting best results through time blocking is the best choice for everyone.

Here are five ways you can improve your time management skills with time blocks.

  1. Develop Your List

At the beginning or end of every day, it is essential to take stock of what you have done previously. You should know where you are with some tasks, and what you need to accomplish for the next day.

Source: iCN Issue 42 (Business Coaching); pages 39 – 42

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