By Moira Hanley (United Kingdom)

I have worked for quite a few small to medium size businesses, some of whom went on to become big businesses. The ones that went on to bigger success all had one thing in common; they had the right blend of skills and experience at the top level of the business. So how do you do that when your hiring plan won’t allow that kind of growth yet?

It’s the typical Catch-22 of the business world. You need those key people to fill in the gaps in the business to increase your business, but you can’t afford them until you increase your business.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.2  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 26-27

MoiraHAbout Moira Hanley

Moira is The Regional Director of Alpha Group International – East & South East England.

She started her own business helping SMEs around the world to understand and use social media and online marketing as well as business coaching and creating marketing plans and business plans. She also ran a training series for Public and University Libraries in Ireland. Moira loves seeing people being successful and find it very rewarding to share her experience and knowledge. She also speaks at conferences on marketing and social media.