by Laura Puchtler (Ireland)

If you are like I was two years ago, you might think that coaching is only for people who have a problem. Or people who are lazy and need somebody to motivate them. You, however, self-reflected and achieving as you are, are well able to reach your goals without help from anyone, so coaching is not for you. At least that’s how I felt back then.

Now, two years later, I can happily assure you that coaching has turned around my life for the better in a matter of months. It has sped up my personal development and increased both, my success and happiness level at the same time. Maybe I would have achieved the same kind of progress on my own as well, but it would have taken me years longer to this point. ‘Why?’ you are asking? Here is why.

  1. Focus on Yourself

How often do you usually sit down with yourself, pen and paper in hand, determined to figure out yourself, your behaviour and your patterns? I don’t mean taking 20 minutes on a Sunday night to plan your week ahead or to jot down a quick to-do-list. No, I mean taking a full hour of focused quality time with yourself, where nobody interrupts your flow and where you reflect on your values, your purpose in life, your belief system, your boundaries. A good coach will enable you to do just that, giving you 100% focused attention and guiding you with powerful questions which enable you to find your truth.

  1. Take the Bird’s Eye View

So often we are caught up in our own world, in our busy lives, in our struggles and challenges. We think we have ourselves figured out but somehow we keep going in circles, never really moving forward towards our goal. Something deep down is holding us back, but we are so busy fighting it that we cannot figure out what it is. What we need is to take a step back to see ourselves from an outside perspective in order to re-evaluate our situation. And what better way is there to do this than explaining yourself to a neutral person (aka the coach) who will  challenge you, support you and hold up a mirror to your face?

Source: iCN Issue 30  (Group & Team Coaching); pages 47-48

About Laura Puchtler

Laura is a certified professional coach specialising in career, performance and lifestyle coaching. She came to Ireland three years ago to accelerate her career in sales at LinkedIn, where she is still working full-time as a sales professional. In early 2020, she started her freelance business LIBRA Life Coaching. Her experience in international business paired with a background in competitive dancesport and her diploma in coaching with neuroscience creates a rich package for her clients. Her approach to coaching is a healthy mix of traditional tools, NLP methods and psychological facts, highly customized to the individual needs of the person in front of her. Laura is Austrian by nationality, Irish by residency and Italian by heart.