By Anne M. Bachrach (USA)

Even the most motivated of achievers can sometimes feel unmotivated. So what do you do in those crucial moments of inner negotiation – do I commit to two steps forward or relent to two steps backwards – and how do you justify your decision?

What if not being motivated to achieve your goals is a sign of a deeper, unresolved issue? Here are five questions to uncover the possible reasons you’re not motivated to achieve your goals:

1. Do I Really Want This?

Before you start discounting yourself as being weak or a failure, ask yourself if you really want this. Do you really want the end result? Do you want it bad enough to do whatever it takes to achieve it? If the answer is no to either question, it’s pretty obvious why you may not be motivated to doing the work the goal requires to actually achieve it.

Source: iCN Issue 4 (NLP in Coaching); pages 30-31

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