by Madlen Ivanova (Bulgaria)

Career transition might be stressful. Some of us come to this point as a result of job optimisation in the company they work for, while others feel the urge for a career change so strong that they turn their quirks into businesses. Do you know which one is the craziest idea I have heard of, which turned into a profitable business for its creators? If you read this article till the end, you will be able to find it out.

Career is one of the most important areas in our lives. Many of us plan carefully, study hard and take university degrees in order to start their dream jobs. Others accept whatever job the market offers, driven by the need to provide for themselves and for their families. Whatever the preparations and the positions we take, in the cycles of our everyday lives we reach particular moments when the current job titles and the salaries cease to be motivating and lose their charm for us. In moments like these we feel urged to make a career transition and we are triggered to accomplish our need for appreciation or to receive a better remuneration package, or simply to follow our dreams. It may lead us to take different responsibilities and to use our professional and personal strengths to help more people. Another inner motivation might be the desire to achieve a better balance between the long working hours and the quality time spend with our family and the loved ones. Whatever the case is, we all find ourselves at least once at this point in life where we feel challenged to make a career change. In such cases we all react differently as we all are in different life circumstances.

Source: iCN Issue 25  (Career Coaching); pages 17-19

About Madlen Ivanova

Madlen Ivanova is a Professional Life & Executive Coach with a start-up business. Her working experience includes positions in the leading international companies in the field of audit and tax consulting, telecommunications, fast consuming goods and the steel industry. Her working ethic and standards were formed in one of the six biggest audit companies in the word which is currently conducting the process for the Oscars’ nominations in Hollywood.