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Learning how to communicate effectively is crucial to the survival of your business; unfortunately, there’s no other way to cut it.  If you approach people too casually, don’t take the time to communicate clear information, or don’t appear cordial, you are risking the success of your business.  Below are four essential tips to ensure effective communication.

  1. Listening is the No. 1 Rule

Contrary to what some seem to believe, the most important aspect of effective communication isn’t talking, it’s listening.  A great amount of miscommunication could be avoided if business owners took the time to communicate effectively, first by listening to the needs of their clients and prospects. Remember, your clients may not need you, but you definitely need your clients or you are going to be out of business.  Your focus should be filling the needs of your clients, not the other way around, and that starts with listening.

‘We have two ears and one mouth so that we can

listen twice as much as we speak.’

– Epictetus (Greek Philosopher (AD 55-c.135)

Granted, it can be challenging to listen without speaking, but it will get easier with time, when you understand the purpose behind first listening. Not only do you have an opportunity to really listen to what your client needs, but you have time to form the best reply or answer. Give your client all the time they need to explain their concerns. If you are short on time, politely offer your help at the beginning of the conversation and add that you are limited on time.  Also offer an opportunity for the clients to speak to you at a later time and offer to call back when it is convenient for both of you. Be sure they understand you want to help them and will do what it takes to listen.

Source: iCN Issue 27  (Using NLP in Coaching); pages 20-22

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