and Cash Consistently In Your Coaching Business

by Yasmin Vorajee (Ireland)

When I started out in business, I knew nothing. Even though I had worked in corporate for 12 years, when it came to my own business, I did not have a clue on how to market or sell my services.

I was busy (with a 16 month old) but the busy-ness did very little for me or my business. I had some clients, but it took a lot of work to get them. It took me a while to start making good money and when I look back, I can see exactly where I was going wrong.

And in this article, I want to share these 5 mistakes with you so you don’t make the same ones!

I am also going to show you a simple 4-step process that will help you reduce your to-do list dramatically and focus on what works! This is the heart of the Tiny Time Big Results methodology.

Firstly, let’s look at the 5 big mistakes coaches make in their 20-hour week business.

Mistake #1: A Generic and Vague Marketing Message

Mistake #2: An Ad-Hoc Marketing Strategy

Mistake #3: Failing to convert

Mistake #4: A business model that won’t make you money in the time you have

Mistake #5: Letting time slip by

Source: iCN Issue 29 (Business Coaching: Building your Business); pages 25-28

About Yasmin Vorajee

Yasmin is the creator of Tiny Time Big Results; she helps small business owners run a profitable business in 20 hours a week or less.  A former Vice President of Leadership Development, Yasmin specialises in business and marketing strategy and runs her thriving business from her home in rural Ireland around her 3 young children and farmer husband. Yasmin is passionate about helping people create financial independence, freedom and flexibility.