By Dr. Richard Norris

Notice that it is not professional development but people development.

Professional development sees a person in only one dimension – their job. People development looks at that same person as a whole – a sum of specific roles e.g. mother, partner, SVP, PTA and Brownie leader. Ignoring the  other roles jeopardizes individual, team and  organizational performance and adversely impacts staff retention, costs, profits etc.

People come to work with all their roles. For some, those roles bring with them issues, challenges and distractions. These can adversely affect performance not only for the individual but also across the organization.

To develop your people to their fullest potential and thereby enhance their performance and maximize your ROI, your strategy must be holistic with a role- specific approach. It must encompass the 4 Concepts of People Development™:

Source: iCN Issue 2 (Business Coaching); page 44