By Taryn Harris (South Africa)

What makes you “buy in” to you and others?

You invest in yourself because it’s important to you. You choose to do something and commit to act on it because it will benefit you and you feel it will serve you and your objectives. You “sense” this as a “gut” feeling of “YES” and a knowing and often feel inspired by the possibility and what it might mean for you and your life – professionally and personally. Humans align with what they believe in – activities, groups, brands, companies, leaders and goals which speak to their values, aspirations and who they view as extensions of who they are. They engage  because they WANT TO are the ones that create sustainable results, businesses, causes and practices,  not those who feel obliged to. They do it FOR THEMSELVES!  This is true for any committed and inspired action any of us undertake. We all know the saying, “What’s in it for me?”

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.1  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 42-43

About Taryn Harris

Taryn Harris is a professional executive and life coach, speaker and the creator of the In-Body Method. Taryn moves people into their power and organisations into their power through people. Her programmes focus on developing interpersonal and leadership skills, emotional intelligence and team functioning. Taryn will show you how to create a life –both personally and professionally – that you want to show up for! She gives you the tools to effectively navigate through the opportunities and challenges and teaches you how to positively affect your behaviour and emotions by rewiring your mind to become more content, resilient and confident by tapping into the intelligence of your body.