by Frank Bresser

Coaching is one of the fastest growing business phenomena in the world and is increasingly used as a business tool and becoming ingrained into organisational life. Companies have started to think through their coaching programmes in a more systematic way and to tailor their coaching initiatives more and more to their specific context and business strategy. Accordingly, you find an increasing number of great coaching success stories in enterprises today.

But what makes coaching excel and produce the desired benefits in business?

Frank Bresser Consulting were the first to define the design, implementation and optimization of coaching programmes in companies as a distinct discipline and have developed a comprehensive set of management tools for the effective planning and realisation of coaching initiatives in business.

Source: iCN Issue 1 (Maiden Issue); pages 26-27

About Frank Bresser

Frank Bresser, a leading global coaching expert (), is helping companies design, implement and optimize tailor-made coaching programmes that exactly meet their organisation-specific needs and generate maximum business success. He was the first to develop the systematic and strategic design, implementation and improvement of coaching programmes in companies as a distinct discipline and is the author of the book “The global business guide for the successful use of coaching in organisations”