FEB 2021 | 32nd Edition: Tools, Techniques & Models for Coaching

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This edition is filled with interesting power tools toward greater well-being. It focuses solely on coaching tools, tips & techniques used by seasoned coaches, to aid you in your coaching profession.


What Can Coaching Learn from Anna Grechishkina

What Can Coaching Learn from Anna Grechishkina

Anna came to coaching by one of life’s wonderful coincidences. In July 2018, she was travelling in Bulgaria and was presenting about her travels to a group at the motorcycle event Motocamp. In the audience was a fellow biker, Gerard O’Donovan, known to many of us as the Founder & CEO of the Noble Manhattan Group. There are several themes that are important in coaching, especially in the present pandemic, that Anna brings out in our discussion and her blogs.

Interviewed by Malcolm Nicholson, iCN Journalist (UK)

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