Leadership Coaching for World Class Results: The Knowledge within Elite Performance Sport

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Watch out for iCN’s 5th edition which will be released later this month. The theme for this edition is Leadership Coaching – how coaching taps into leadership potential, assists in the development of leaders and influences the behaviours of effective leaders. Leadership coaching is specifically tailored for those in leadership positions where there are greater demands and responsibilities. Leadership coaching is focused on development and personal growth. It maximizes the coachee’s potential by assisting them to discover their values, strengths, talents and development areas.

Our international columnists, expert coaches and best-selling authors have provided insights about leadership coaching. In this month’s feature article ‘The Business Coaching Landscape – The Past, Present & Future’, author Malcolm Nicholson lays out the past, present and future of business & leadership coaching. In this article he shows us how leadership coaching is constantly evolving from time immemorial. Our very own iCN journalist Cristina Palma, in her article The “Little Buddha” of the Golden Sunshine Coasts of Australia interviews the Founder and Director of “The Mind Academy” Alistair Horscroft- from humble beginnings to an internationally recognised coach due to his TV shows, media appearances and newspaper and magazine features, Horscroft is a true inspiration. Another noteworthy article, Leadership Coaching My Vision = Our Vision by Ashutosh Tewari in which Ashutosh shares how Mahatma Gandhi influenced and became the vision for each Indian. We are also proud to have articles by our international columnists, first from Poland, Anna Niedziela-Strobel with her interview with Zbigniewem Brzezińskim Prezes Zarządu – Complex IQ Sp. z o.o.; Doradca Prezesa Zarządu and for our Spanish section Puede la “PNL” ayudarme a mejorar mi negocio? by Esther Coronel de Iberkleid. This edition would not have been complete without sharing a list of the World’s Top Leadership Experts.

Here is a teaser article Leadership Coaching for World Class Results: The Knowledge within Elite Performance Sport by Louise Deeley (founder of Inside Performance™ Consulting)

Depending on your interests, names like Jose Mourinio and Sir Alex Ferguson (football), Dave Brailsford (cycling), and Andy Flower (cricket) are recognised names in their field as not only being outstanding coaches, but outstanding leaders too, responsible for developing, nurturing and challenging people to consistently produce outstanding performance and results in one of the world’s most competitive areas – Sport.

In the UK particularly, unless you’ve been hidden away with no access to the media, you’ll have seen some of the greatest sporting achievements on the planet in recent times: Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, European dominance in the Ryder Cup, Chris Froome being crowned winner of the Tour de France, English cricket back challenging the Aussies and of course, the great success of the London 2012 Olympic Games, with teams such as British Cycling, GB Rowing, UK Athletics and British Equestrian Federation all thrilling us with their expertise and medal winning performances.

Leading a successful team

Success doesn’t just happen overnight (despite what the X Factor talent show might suggest!). It doesn’t just happen without hard work and dedication. And it definitely doesn’t just happen in a vacuum.

Particularly in fields like sport and business, there are a number of factors that come together to create a successful end result: vision, planning, preparation, technical knowledge, tactical knowledge, attention to our physical and psychological needs…. the list goes on ….. and of course, people.

People are the one factor that makes it all happen. Without a great team around them, Victoria Pendleton, Mo Farah, Ellie Simmonds, Chris Hoy and Jessica Ennis-Hill to name but a few wouldn’t have had the success they have without great leadership, coaching and support professionals to help them along the way.


So what has the sports coach got to do with leadership? . . .


To read more about this article watch out for the release SOON!


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