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Consultanta in Management Din Romania Realizat

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Report Despre Piata de Consultanta in Management Din Romania 2016-2017 Realizat de Amcor Studiul pieței de consultanță în management din România este o inițiativă anuală a AMCOR, ajunsă deja la a zecea ediție. Realizat pe baza datelor culese în prima jumătate a anului 2017 de la 68 de firme

“Industry 4.0 – Transform business using Big Data technologies, Artificial Intelligence or IoT”.

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AMCOR va organiza pe data de 5 octombrie 2017 o nouă ediție Professional Corner cu tema ”Industry 4.0 - Transformarea afacerilor utilizând tehnologii Big Data, Artificial Intelligence sau IoT”.  Evenimentul va avea loc la Victory Business Center (str. Învingătorilor, nr. 24, et. 4, București) în intervalul orar 14:00-17:30. Ne-am propus ca evenimentul

NLP Coaching – The Difference That Makes a Bond

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By Jay Arnott (United Kingdom) NLP has filtered into numerous fields spanning the realms of business, education, therapy, sport and now has wormed its way into coaching. So, whether people say they like it or not, many are using it. Expressions such as ‘framing,’ ‘reframe,’ ‘limiting beliefs,’ ‘congruent’ and

Marketing – what’s that?

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By Barbara J. Cormack (France) It is the challenge every small business faces.  Working with quasi-government organisations in the UK many years ago gave me the opportunity to understand that small businesses are sometimes created out of necessity and not out of understanding what it means to start and

Magnetism is the New Marketing

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By Christy Whitman (USA) If you have ever been on the receiving end of a sales or marketing approach that left you feeling uncomfortable, annoyed or disrespected, it is understandable that the idea of actively promoting your coaching practice might bring up some resistance. The very word “marketing” has

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