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Welcome to yet another exciting edition of the International Coaching News (iCN) online magazine! For our 12th edition our theme is Personal Coaching. This edition is loaded with content on a variety of relevant topics on the issues that come with managing people, various leadership and relational styles to improve and enhance relationships and so much more.
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Conference 18-20 March 2016



Issued 20 October 2015

Noble Manhattan is pleased to announce the speakers and workshop leaders for Conference 18-20 March 2016:


Keynote […]

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Work with Us! Do you think you have what it takes?

After the successful release of 11 editions, the number one magazine for life and business coaching, International Coaching News (iCN) […]

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Success Story in Business Coaching Leadership, Life & Optimism ~ How Optimism Influences Your Success

By: Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom)



noun. hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.

Optimistic leaders – don’t you just […]

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Coachee Preparation – a Key Step in Successful Matching

By: Caroline Taylor (United Kingdom)


Executive Coaching is primarily concerned with improving organisation capability through focused development of individuals. This almost […]

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Can a Coach be a Mentor?

By: Barbara J. Cormack (France)

What’s the reason for asking this question?  It’s simple – the skills that every Coach develops […]

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Executive Coaching Tips from the Makers of the Coaching Movie

By: Kasia Wezowski (Belgium)

Did you ever ask your employees, “Does your work measure up to your passions? Does your work […]

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Your personal brand in a world without imagination

By: Bianca Corau (Romania)

For so many people, it seems like an insane idea to have a personal brand.

The truth is, […]

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Now is the Time for a New Look at Leadership

Dr Mark McKergow (United Kingdom)

Great engagement is the key to truly successful leadership, and the secret to moving forward is […]

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