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Welcome to yet another exciting edition of the International Coaching News (iCN) online magazine! For our 13th edition our theme is Wellness & Holistic Coaching. This edition is loaded with content on a variety of relevant topics on the issues that come with creating the health, vitality and energy we all deserve, and mastering our inner balance.
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Rhythms of Success

by Noémi Végh Ph.D. Having an ancestral lineage of farmers who tended the land with artful passion even amidst historical

Executive Coaching

by Leila Youssef Let’s create an avatar. A brilliant employee ascends to a managerial executive position. Until now he had

Connecting with Leadership

by Christine Charles What is Leadership? Can it be learnt? What do you have to do to be a Leader?

Challenging Coaching Going Beyond Traditional Coaching To Face The Fact

by Ian Day and John Blakey It is time for coaching to become more Challenging. In these difficult economic times

Executive Coaching Supports Organizational Renewal

by Patricia Lustig The Cynefin Framework is based on the premise that the way a problem is categorised impacts on

The Current Practice of Coaching In Companies

by Frank Bresser A growing  number  of  impressing  coaching success  stories can be found in enterprises today (see for example

Book Critique “Co-Active Coaching, 3rd Edition”

by Cristina Palma - iCN Journalist (France) More than a book, the 3rd edition of the Co-Active Coaching paperback is

Avoid the Crash & Burn Syndrome 8 steps to Healthy Success

by Dawn Campbell (France) I’m a master coach specialising in not one, but two  niche markets. I, like you started

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